6. New Media: Irreversible Changes in Journalism

This session examines the creation of new media and the challenges it raises for journalism. 

We will examine the creation of “new media” as a result of the ongoing revolution in communication media that has changed the power relations and the consumption of media by the young public. We need to understand the fundamental changes taking place in journalistic activity that probably will threaten the very core of the journalism profession. This session will commence with a lecture on the development of the “new media” and the challenges this raises for journalism, followed by a plenary discussion on some of the most important questions and dilemmas.


The students shall
  • obtain knowledge on how the change in communication channels affects the power structure and media role
  • learn how the “new media” lead to fragmented audiences, to a new type of media consumption and multiple/multiplatform interaction between “user and journalist”
  • understand how a “single agenda” can splinter and how closed “information ghetto” may emerge
  • learn how new professional codes for the “new media” are developed within professional journalism



About 8 hours.

A large room with ample space for group work, large sheets of paper, markers, pen and paper.

Lecture on the “new media”.


 Educational elements


Svetlana Balmaeva, Associate Professor, Head of Journalism Department, The Liberal Arts University, Ekaterinburg

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Email : post@journalism-edu.org

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