How to use the training manual

This manual consists of 11 sessions, each of which includes both practical and theoretical resources.

You will find key points for lectures and links to in-depth articles, as well as ideas for group work, exercises, energizers, assignments, films and other activities. The sessions can be used separately or as a full course. Several of the partner universities have included the sessions in educational programmes with ECTS points.


The importance of preparation 


Before using the educational elements, we recommend that you first thoroughly prepare for this session.

Read the lectures in depth and jot down your own key points. Please include relevant prior knowledge that you have, look into the relevant topics more, read the news and search for good examples. A good tip is to include personal experiences that may shed light on the issues. A power-point presentation with key points and illustrative pictures is often a good teaching tool.

When it comes to the various practical activities, whether they are introductory-, in-between or group-work activities, please study them in detail before you start using them. As is their nature, participatory methods leave a lot of room for students to share their opinions and reflections. This makes the learning processes more interesting, but can also be challenging. Difficult questions may arise. We recommend that before you get started you should reflect on questions that could be raised during the discussions so you are prepared to answer them.

As a session leader gains experience, he or she will become more confident as to what (sessions and activities) works well and what can be improved. A good rule is to develop the educational elements that have worked well, and try out new sessions and activities incrementally. A good session leader knows his/her subject. Practice over time is the best way of developing confidence.


A variety of workshops can be designed


We hope that the manual will be an inspiration that can suit different educational purposes. By combining the different sessions, and also including additional activities, a variety of exciting workshops can be designed, lasting from half a day up to multiple days.


An online manual on intercultural understanding, ethics and human rights to be used by teachers and students in journalism education. Read more.

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